Week 3

From the talks I have been having with my fellow workmates, the current society indeed has a problem with moral decay.  Listen to how people reason these days it is without a doubt that the current generation is not well behaved compared to previous generations. For instance, infidelity is no longer a big deal in most marriages. People have come to accept to cheat on their spouses provided it is kept as a secret. Married men are not ashamed of going to clubs and have a good time in the hands of other women who are not their wives. Years back marriage was considered sacred and cheating was something immoral. My married workmates accepted to have some other women on the side apart from their wives. The shocking part about it all was how they confessed it with mush pride as though it was something to be proud of.  I explained moral relativism to them as the view that the varying morals of different people are legit and no one’s perception of wrong or right is much better (Greg). On asking them their opinion on the matter they concurred to the view and affirmed it to be beneficial. According to these workmates, times are changing and no one is certain of what is right. To them what is important co-exists peacefully by learning to tolerate one another.

Taking Rebecca’s quote, most communities used to disrespect and mistreat women. They were not allowed to lead or speak in public. However, this has come to change and now those that disregard the female gender are regarded as uncivilized. Women are now accepted as leaders and given equal respect to men. From this historical progress, we are indeed moral relativists.

Week 4

Egoism is the view that people’s motivation and objective of the action is their self.  According to this philosophy an individual acts in a certain manner for his or her benefit. Acting out of being concerned about other people’s welfare is known as altruism. The main thing that pushes people into exhibiting altruism is seeing others in distressful circumstances which bring out the desire to be of aid. In the TV show survivor, the cast is forced to forge alliances all to earn favor from one another.  From the show, the positives that come from altruistic is that more voters will be cast for you. On the other hand, more negatives result from living egoistic because you will always seem to be a threat to everyone in the group. I think that the idea of egoism and altruism are not in conflict, they all seem to have one factor in common. In both views, the individual is concerned about him/herself directly or indirectly in the long run. A person will cater to other people’s interesting hoping that someday they will reciprocate. And in my view, this altruism is the one that works best for human being’s survival in normal life.

After listening to Ayn interview with Wallace, as Ayn call for living selfishly, I think this threatens the moral values of America (Wallace). Most people have prioritized on getting money and living the American dream. Therefore encouraging such people to be more selfish and only focus on themselves the society will turn into a place where people no longer socialize nor care how their lifestyle affects that of thy neighbor. Caring how one’s actions impact other people is a moral value that has helped our society run smoothly. It is therefore essential that this virtue is maintained at all cost.

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