Ethics of big food production in a world with poverty

Paper details:

This is an ethics, diversity, and government course in the public service program so the research proposal is based related to the course and public service program.

Also, the instructors want the research template to be followed appropriately, as with the headings.
– Ethical issues/dilemmas
– Research question
– Rationale and Relevance
– Provide three strong academic resources you may use
1. Title and Author: Provide the title of the article, book chapter, web page, etc.
2. Name and Type of Source: Provide the name of the newspaper, magazine,
website, etc. and indicate what kind of text it is (e.g., academic journal, study,
government data etc.)
3. Potential Research Value: Briefly describe what makes this source useful and
relevant to your continued exploration of the topic and research question.
4. Provide a Full Reference using the APA style guide and make sure citations are properly cited appropriately to avoid an academic integrity offense.
– Final Comments

Finally, the instructor specifically stated “it is important the topic and research question is connected to the course content which I have uploaded as supporting files that are focused on Canada.
the topic could be international but the major focus should be on the ethical dilemma itself”.

Note- I will be coming back for the major research work which will be a continuation of the proposal.

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