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Pange and Matini were two women who lived all their lives in a secluded area of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) belonging to the primitive Kalanga tribe, and had never interacted in any significant way with people outside of the tribe. In 1961 there was a drought in the area, which posed the threat of starvation to the entire tribe. While talking to a local witch doctor, the women expressed their fears to him, and he promised to prepare some muti, a magic potion, to mix with seeds during planting so that crops would be plentiful. It was a custom among the Kalanga people to prepare such a potion during the times of drought, consisting of several ingredients collected by witch doctors plus the fingers, toes, and inside portion of the stomach of a tribe member who is killed, usually a relative of the person who requests the potion. The witch doctor told Pange and Matini they must kill a child. Neither woman had children, however, they killed Matini’s two year old cousin, and brought her body to the witch doctor. The colonial authorities of Rhodesia (Rhodesia was a British colony) learned of the killing and brought murder charges against Pange and Matini. The two women were put on trial in a Rhodesian court.

1. What would the Ethical Relativist argue in regards to the two women killing the infant?
a.Make sure you have a claim or thesis Please read the article on Constructing a thesis below.
b.Make sure you have strong evidence that lets me know you understand Cultural and Ethical relativism to make the case on their behalf.
2. What would Plato argue in regards to what the women have done?
a. Make sure you have a claim.
b. Make sure you have strong evidence that lets me know you understand Plato and his idea of justice.
3. A fully proofed paper that is free of punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors.
4. Paper is thoughtful and free of blathering and fillers.
5. This should be no less than one page but no more than two pages.
6. You are making an argument for each party mentioned so please be sure you are not asking a question but making a claim.
7. This should not include your opinions on the case, but what a relativist and Plato would say and then evidence from their theories to back it up.

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