Ethical Principle Essay

Culture entails the shared customs of a group of people who come from either the same ethical community or country. Therefore it is a collection of values and beliefs that have an impact on how individuals express themselves. Everyone must have grown from a particular type of culture. The environment of one’s background determines what they learn, how it is learned and how to interact with others.

It would be worthwhile to admit to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Trade on how sophisticated understanding the western culture is. As a result of Non-Indians not appreciating the beliefs and values that dominate the Western capitalist culture it has led to myths and confusion of the genesis of the Native Americans culture. America has a diversified culture owing to the various races that migrated and settled in the nation long ago. Therefore to be able to understand their ethical principles one has to be alert to diversity.

It is true that we differ in culture, beliefs and values, but we are connected through the increasing globalization of trade, communications, and labor practices.  Changes in one continent have an impact on the whole world. As a result of the increasing diversity, working together regardless of our background is a perfect strategy of ensuring business ethics is maintained.

Key aspect I would mention to the Deputy Minister is the fact that long as there is mutual respect between the Eastern and Western cultures the two can interact with each other efficiently. Ideas may be shared between creating a larger market pool for the products produced by the two continents. People should be willing to change their attitude towards other cultures, and how they operate or communicate with them (Trevino & Nelson, 2014). Activities of organizations, their structure and leadership should depict equality regardless of ethnical backgrounds.  

I would explain to the assistant minister how my business will be culturally competent, in that it celebrates the contributions of each culture, emphasizes the advantages of cultural diversity and promotes the positive outcomes of interacting with many cultures. I would also outline the Deputy Minister of Trade of China on the strategies to apply in seeking a new market in China. The strategy should be one that does not force or go against the inhabitants’ norms and way of living.

The Deputy Foreign Minister is probably going to talk about how most of China’s culture is homogeneous, encompassing people who share one language, and history. The States is aware of only fifty-five minority groups that have their unique traditions and cultures. He would also praise China for not being associated with unethical incidences such as agro-terrorism or racism. China and most of the other Asian nations have been developing at a rapid rate owing to the way they uphold and maintain their values and beliefs. 

Based on recently conducted research it has been revealed that newcomers into the workforce are people of a mixed race an attribute of intermarriages and immigration patterns. This is beneficial as it brings in a rich resource of alternative ideas on how to do things. Most likely the Deputy Foreign Trade Minister would agree with me that in the near future the Eastern culture will be more infiltrated by the Western culture so as to keep up with the trend. Also as a result of the smooth movement from the Asian continent into America and vice versa the business arena of both states will have people with a more diversified culture.


Trevino, L. K., & Nelson, K. A. (2014). Managing Business Ethics: Straight Talk about How to Do It Right, 6th Edition.

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