Ethical Issues Related to the Electronic Health Record Paper

Ethical Issues Related to the Electronic Health Record Paper

This paper will allow you to discuss ethical issues as they relate to the use of the electronic health record and also describe potential solutions. The purpose of the assignment is to articulate 2 ethical issues related to the use of the electronic health record and provide 2 potential solutions—all communicated clearly using scholarly, evidence-based ideas and references. The paper will be written using 7th edition APA format and supported with recent, relevant literature, citing at least 5 references.



  • • Paper is due on or before Friday, December 4, 2020, by 2359 EST to be submitted via Assignment link in eLearn
  • • Late submissions will have 10 points deducted per each day late. Papers more than 3 days late will have a grade of zero recorded in the gradebook.
  • • Assignments will NOT be accepted by email
  • • Entire paper must be written using 7th edition APA format (resources listed below have sample papers you can review to understand the format) and example of APA format provided in eLearn under Textbooks and Resources tab
  • • Don’t forget title page, page numbers, running head, separate reference page (all per APA format)
  • • Paper should include the following content:
  • 1. Introduction that contains pertinent information and explains the purpose of the paper
  • 2. Body that is very detailed and substantial to describe ALL of the elements of the paper
  • 3. Conclusion that sums up the information and includes insights learned while researching these topics
  • Body of paper must be 4-6 pages of substantial information—be sure to include all required elements of the paper and use information from recent, relevant journal articles to support your discussion
  • • Must use at least 5 references (no more than 5 years old)
  • • Cite references appropriately (per APA format) throughout the paper to avoid plagiarism—Please review the UC Academic Integrity Policy
  • • Paper must be submitted at least once to TurnitIn link located in eLearn to check for originality—you may submit it anytime, as many times as you wish, but please remember that any text displaying in red should be revised and resubmitted until the similarity index is low (<20%).
  • • Paper will be graded using the Ethical Issues for EHR Grading Rubric (posted in eLearn)— please review prior to writing paper so you will understand exactly how paper will be graded
  • • Proofread paper (or have someone else proofread) before submitting and check for grammatical errors/typos
  • • UC library is a good resource for assistance with writing papers

APA Resources:

APA Online Resource

Purdue Owl

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