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A career in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is vast, contrary to how many people think of it. What a majority do not know is that this industry is related to almost all the firms that focus on customer satisfaction. The sector entails serving as a support staff which deals with helping clients one-on-one in various ways. There are also administrative jobs that encompass marketing, accounting, and sales (Walker 6).  Jobs in the hospital industry offer many entry levels. One may join at the secretary level and climb up the hierarchy to the managerial level, or you can directly enter as a manager.

Out of the many careers in the hospitality industry, a profession I would eye for is event planning. Most hotels have event spaces and conference chambers that they lease out for various occasions, such as formal meetings, seminars, and weddings. An event planner’s work is to arrange to ensure that such events turn out to be successful. It is an essential service that is relied upon daily in hotels and in other companies. Pursuing such a career will be a smart move since one is assured that there will always be job opportunities throughout the year (Hassanien 21). Moreover, if the services offered are efficient and appealing to the people in attendance at an event, they certainly will keep spreading news of your event planning skills. Therefore, there is not much need to advertise in this career but instead exhibit your best when hired.

Since I was young, I have always liked to be part of significant events, even though I have no business being there. I just like being in the company of great business people and interacting with them.  Pursuing one’s dream job avoids forcing someone to embrace values that he or she does not resonate with or is against. The essence of this is that it makes individuals comfortable in the field they are in regardless of the pressure that might be in the career. For instance, some people may consider event planning to be a hectic job and one that requires a lot regarding having to be social with an unfamiliar person now and then. But for me, since it has always been my dream, these challenges make the profession more attractive to me. In this sector, I would be able to tap into my unique gift and express it adequately. And it is for this reason, what might seem like a hurdle to others feels effortless to a passionate person.

Due to the rise in the number of people going to the university worldwide, specific courses are over flocked as people believe taking those programs will fetch them good-paying jobs. An advantage of an event planning career is that it does not have a specific educational requirement. Therefore anyone with any Bachelors’s degree that has the required skills can be an event organizer. The most critical aspect of venturing into the sector is communication skills. It is not that I do not like studying, but I would prefer a career that does not require much hassle when it comes to reading. If a person chooses to do a Bachelors’s degree in hospitality management, the program is much more straightforward in comparison to engineering or medicine. Also, the time span taken is much shorter.

Another feature that makes event planning attractive as a profession is its hour’s flexibility. It does not have a fixed routine of from maybe 7 am to 5 pm like most jobs. Work might either be late at night, over the weekend, or early in the morning. In most cases, one is just given a time frame to prepare for the event, and it is up to the planner to decide when to do the work so long as the task is finished in time. The planning stages are less time-consuming while implementing can be quite a challenge, but with experience, it all becomes easy. Indeed, the more events you planner, the more skills earned, making the work even more accessible. Therefore as a person ages in the profession, the more flexible their working works become.

Another minor reason for pursuing being an events coordinator is to meet with different types of people (Walker 43). Interacting helps in getting to know people and building a network that encourages innovation and growth. Amid new people, fresh ideas flow, and much excellence is reaped when some of these ideas are implemented. Event planning can serve as an outlet for creativity. It offers a platform to showcase one’s ideas, such as making themes and details that have not been there before. I believe in having a great imagination, and by harnessing these ideas into event planning, I will be successful.

Lastly, one gets that feeling after making dinner or a family meeting, and the family members enjoy it. Imagine how it would feel after you plan an event that causes people to be glad for having attended; the feeling is priceless.

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