Essay 2: Addiction in Adolescence and Early Adulthood


In Modules 3 and 6 students will utilize the provided essay topic, noting all the important issues to address. Students will then write an essay of at least 600 words reflecting upon the topic and will draw from the readings/presentations in the course, empirical articles, and outside readings. The essay must be strongly supported with proper APA (coversheet, in-text citations, and references) citations of at least 2-3 scholarly references from the last 10 years. Do not write your opinion, but rather support your assertions with proper citations.

Essay 2:

In addition to your readings and presentations for this module, use the Moody Library to research at least 2 scholarly articles that discuss abuse of substances and addiction in adolescence/early adulthood.

Label the responses as numbered below:

  1. What is the current research indicating about addiction and resilience?
  2. What is the research indicating about treatment? Discuss how healthy spiritual development may counteract the use of addiction or even affect the likelihood of use overall. As counselors, it is important to be aware of the stories and epidemics that are going on in your area.
  3. Discuss local news coverage of alcohol or drug-related stories and give details of the prevalence based on your readings and news stories.

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