Equity Method vs. Consolidations

Paper details:

Complete the exercises using MS-Excel, using functions and formulas as appropriate.

Your totals need to tie into the numbers that the totals are representing. Therefore, if your totals do not tie into the total I provided, either put your total in based on your numbers to tie into your work, or delete my total.

If your numbers don’t tie into my total, you will receive partial credit for the correct numbers with-in the answer so long as you either put your total in, or delete my total. If the total does not tie into the numbers above that the total represents, for example you left my total in but does not add up to above I will mark the entire section wrong.

You must put in negative numbers as such. If you want the number to represent a negative #, you need to enter the number as a negative #.
You must put commas in you numbers wherever applicable.

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