Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant

One of the problems facing Engstrom Auto Mirror is a financial recession as a result of a decrease in the demand for automobile mirrors (Beer & Collins, 2008). Because of this downturn the company has had to cut down on its costs and be less attentive in motivating their workers. There have been fewer promptings in the firm not to mention the lack of bonuses for several months. This has greatly killed the morale of workers making them put much less of their potential into work.  

One remedy strategy that the managing board of directors should use in uplifting the employee’s spirits is recognizing and giving praise to any work done well. There are various simple but effective means of showing a worker his or her work is recognized, such a mailing them a thankful note (Newstrom & Davis, 2014).  This will instill the sense of belonging among workers and make them understand that they are appreciated and will be a reward when the firm is a bit stable financially.

Engstrom Auto Mirror officials should also take it in their hand to seek from the workers what they really want from the labour of their hands and the company as a whole. If for instance a worker wants to move into a certain department or want to burden with a bundle of responsibilities, the management should grant them their wish if possible. By so doing the firm is assured that the workers will continue giving their best and bear not receiving bonuses.

However, it is still possible that despite trying to motivate a worker he or she is still dissatisfied. Such employees will consume a disproportionate amount of energy and time from the management but it will all be in vain. The best action to take against this kind of workers is just letting them loose from the company as keeping them will just bring down the morale of department they are in. The process of firing should be done when it seems to be the only viable solution. Terminating workers anyhow will not reap good results. This might be responsible for the bad relation that is between workers and the employees in Engstrom Auto Mirror. 

This bad attitude will only act as a barrier towards the firm making its status better. With a positive mind set a worker is able to deliver more effectively and efficiently (Tozlu & Kurtipek, 2015). It is, therefore, essential for employers to try to change their workers attitude for the better. This can be done by explaining to them why the company is undergoing the economical challenges and enlighten them on a promising plan that is likely to change the bad situation. Engstrom Auto Mirror should also create a conducive platform where their works are free to raise suggestions of production processes that they think can help cut on the cost incurred. 

To have a productive workforce it is important to ensure hygiene factors are up to standards. This makes workers feel cared for and supported. To avoid employees from feeling dissatisfied with working with the firm they should be treated equally in terms of working hours, pay and medical cover. Additionally, it should not be forgotten that what might motivate one worker may not have the same impact on all worker as people are different. Therefore   Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant Corporation should be aware that although a certain strategy might have worked in a given company in motivating workers it is not necessarily it does the same for them. Individuality should be encouraged in the line of specialization.  Encouraging personality workers will be able to outstand and take pride in what they do. 

A worker will work harder if he or she knows they are being scrutinized. But this is not to say that they should be followed all day long in everything they do. This inspection should be done in a civilized manner so that the worker does not get the idea that he or she is being inspected because they are untrustworthy. Employees can be praised for showing an improvement, even if the end results   were still not correct. For instance, a worker might be praised for using the correct methodology even though the results were not what were wanted exactly. In so doing an employee is encouraged and made to see room for improvement.

Not considering employee’s opinions to be important make them view themselves as though they are just visitors in the firm. With this mentality, a worker will see no need in working himself or herself completely as no one will notice and they might be fired any time. To change this mentality the workers should sign long term contracts with the employee that act a guarantee that they will be in the firm until a certain has depleted. This assurance to be a petty thing but it plays a crucial role. It makes a person register in their mind that what they have to offer to the firm is unique and depended upon.

The scalar bonus plan was initiated in Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant to motivate workers to be more productive (Beer & Collins, 2008). With this plan being eliminated it has evidently demoralized workers.  But as a way of compensating their disappointment the firm might decide on reducing the official working hours in the firms claiming it is a move aiming at providing the worker with more time with their family. Reducing the working hours will not be a bad move considering the reducing in the supply of the product the firm deals with.

  Workers will be punctual and hardworking if their employer leads by example. By the employer showing how ambitious they are accomplishing the firm’s objectives employees will have the ambitions. But in the case that an employer seems to have already given up in the future of his or her firm it is expected that workers they will just offer their services for the seek-off it. Management should first show excitement about the company’s objectives, and the employees will follow suit in accomplishing these goals.

One strategic action that can lead the organization in a proactive manner is diversifying its line of production such that it ceases relying on the sales of one product. The leadership of Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant should also be strategic and be well prepared for any changes that may come. For instance, globalization is one factor of change that brings in stiff competition not only in merchandise products but also in the quality of the workforce. It is crucial to have methodologies to handle the pressure that might be brought forth by such changes.

Managerial leaders have to have some order and stability and be in the capacity to control the details of the work being conducted. Such leaders do not have a personal attachment towards setting and using objectives as motivational tools, and they find it hard to show empathy when dealing with workers. The presence of managers of this kind is supposed to be linked to the short-term financial condition of the firm. Engstrom Auto Mirror Plant should have strategic leaders who will encourage modernization and inventions in the face of changing environments. The firm should target having such leaders as they are mindful of how the organization is running and with them prosperity is more guaranteed.


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