Employment Law

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To understand why employment laws were developed, let’s look at a prominent, tragic incident in labor history.

1) Read/watch a descriiption of the event. Here are some possible sources:

Small, D. (Editor). (2011, March 20). Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist fire [Television series episode]. In M. Teel (Producer), CBS News Sunday Morning. New York, NY: CBS Interactive Inc. (This runs about 7 minutes.)



Writch, J. (Producer). (2011). Triangle fire [DVD]. (This was originally published by PBS, but it isn’t available on the website now. This 1-hour video is running at:



Industrial Relations School. (2017). Remembering the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire. Cornell University.

(This has a set of materials about the event.)


2) Analyze the material. Note the business reasons that led to the conditions. Note also the perceptions about employers and employees and the issues of equity, voice, and efficiency. When you have finished reviewing the material, post one example of equity, voice, or efficiency illustrated in the event and discuss whether it is an issue today.

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