Emotional Intelligence

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1. Please, make the connections between features of EI on Application 1.1 and the “19 Things…” and say which of the 19 things you do often, sometimes, or never.

2. Pick one or two of the features of EI on App.1.1 you think you are good at and illustrate it/them with a real situation in which you have been, perhaps a conflict you are or have been a part of. Say how your empathy (feature #10), for example, helped you resolve the conflict. Did you do one or more of the 19 things in that real situation? Did it work?

3. Then, pick a feature you think you need to improve upon and do the same thing: tell us a story where, to take the same example, your lack of empathy got you in trouble or prevented you from resolving a conflict. Which of the 19 things could have helped you resolve the conflict?

4. Next, discuss this with others as you see fit.

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