EJ Case study memo

Paper details:https://ejatlas.org/conflict/proposed-nuclear-waste-dump-located-on-indigenous-territory-in-saskatchewan

Please check the link above here.

This case study should enable you and your readers to get an in-depth understanding of how this environmental justice case has evolved, what claims were made, which actors were involved, and whether, and if so how, it has been resolved. Your case study will address at least the following aspects:

The environmental justice issue at the origin of the case in its national and local context
The actors involved in the case, including the social groups to which they belong
The different claims and counter claims made by these actors
The development of the case over time, including the activities undertaken by different actors and their interactions with state institutions (government, courts, etc).
The resolution, or ending, as relevant, of the case
The lessons that can be drawn from this case regarding the status of environmental justice in the country/locality where the case arose.


Your case study should include the following sections and contents:

Header: Title of the case study, sub-title, foot notes, date of submission.
Executive summary: a one paragraph summary of the key take-away message from the case analysis (not an introduction)
Introduction which includes information on the background and context of the case analyzed.
Analysis of the case study, organized in clear, pertinent sub-sections.
Conclusion: summarizes the main learnings from the case study and general conclusions for environmental justice.


minimum 2 pages-long and maximum 5 pages-long + references,
2.0 cm margins,
1.15 space,
12 pt Times New Roman font.

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