Effects of Plastic Pollution

The amount of garbage produced by people is directly proportional to the world’s population. As a result of this vast population, disposable products such as soda cans or water bottle have continuously accumulated leading to increment in level of plastic pollution globally. Plastic pollution is when plastic accumulates together in a particular place and starts to affect the ecosystem negatively. It has great potential in causing negative effects to the environment since plastic is made of toxic pollutants which are not biodegradable. This pollution poses a threat to animals and may even kill plant life.

Since plastic does not rot it has increasingly found its way into oceans and lakes. A lot of aquatic life is lost after such creatures ingest this plastic which entangles them. The existence of some wildlife whose habitat is the ocean is almost extinct. It is because of this reasons that people like Sir David Attenborough have decided to talk about the ocean crisis regarding pollution boldly.  It not only the wildlife that lives in the oceans that are at stake here, but man also relies on the water from oceans for domestic consumption. With the rate at which oceans are being polluted by plastic accumulation using such waters may result in life-threatening unhealthy conditions.

It is crucial that everyone takes the obligation of reducing the effect posed by plastic pollution.  This can be done by having a sufficient number of litter bins widely spread all over highly populated regions. This will avoid incidences of plastic being disposed of everywhere and encourage recycling. Also, rules and regulations may be enforced against those firms that have the tendency of disposing of the waste products which comprises of plastics into oceans. By reducing plastic, pollution lives will be saved and certain animal species preserved for future generations.

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