Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral and positive psychology coaching in the workplace

Paper details:

Short Brief:

Compose a scientific literature research. Research specific types of publications that are related to the research topic. Oppose scientific publications with non-scientific publications. Based on the contents of the researched publications, create a holistic overview of the research area. Interpret research data and generate recommendations for the improvement of methodological approaches. Compile a reference list in accordance with APA citation guidelines

Writing in APA 7 please format with 1.5 line spacing – number of the ordered words stays the same (around 2750) but the amount of pages decreases.


Please use as a source only peer-reviewed material, in case of the book, an accepted, otherwise peer-reviewed author.

The Sources need to be:

1x book,
1x book chapter (not part of the already used book),
1x research article,
1x review,
1x meta-analysis,
2x non-scientific publications.

All publications should be written by a different main-author, published within the last five years (2017-2022) and have as a length at least eight pages (excluding reference list).

Detailed Brief:

Compose a write-up of the research with 2,750 words with the following sections: introduction, main part and final part, and attach a reference list. Citation and form APA 7.

The following Instructions are detailed and numbered only for our reference purposes – so that when reffering to it we can identify a part of the instructions faster (the researchpaper is not meant to have numbered chapters but only the three stated parts).

1 Introduction:

1.1 Define the research area.
1.2 Highlight the relevance of the research area in general.
1.3 Highlight the relevance of the research area with in psychology.

2 Main part

2.1 Integrate all researched publications to outline the current state of research in the research area.

Outline the following:

2.2 Central theories and models of the research area,
2.3 Typical methodological operationalisation for data collection and, if applicable, experimental paradigms in the research area,
2.4 Development of the research area over time.
2.5 Evaluate the scientific character of each researched publication.
2.6 Oppose the scientific and non-scientific publications regarding their assertions (for example, on topics where they contradict one another) by addressing three different assertions.
2.7 Present the scientific research article separately. Consider the criteria listed below. For each criterion, indicate the page number within the research article and attach the research article
2.8 State author, year of publication, and title of the research article.
2.9 Describe the research hypotheses posited in this publication.
2.10 Outline the methods and the process of data collection and propose reasoned recommendations to improve the methodological approaches of the research article.
2.11 Present the results of the research article and refer to the statistical characteristics of the research article. Explain the statistical analysis that was used in the research article and evaluate it afterwards.
2.12 Point out the future research questions mentioned in the research article.

3 Final part

3.1 Summarise the central contents of the literature research.
3.2 Point out future research questions in the research field that are stated in the publications.
3.3 Generate two own future research questions, which are not mentioned in the researched publications.
3.4 Discuss the question whether non-scientific publications are useful for scientific research and give a pro and a con argument.
3.5 Formulate a conclusion to the literature research.

4 Reference list
4.1 Indicate all cited sources in accordance with APA 7 citation guidelines.

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