E learning classes on evening shifts

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  • Topic: E learning classes on evening shifts
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Researched the topic, considered other options, and provided logical reasoning for why Option A vs. Option B was chosen. consideration financial, manpower, and/or equipment concerns. Provided detailed technical job functions or procedures, explaining the steps in a clear and concise manner that conveys an understanding of the process.
Technical Knowledge Depth
Demonstrated an understanding of the technical aspects of their job. Provided an explanation of the relevant equipment, tools and materials used on the job, and understood the service that their section provides to the corporation and our customers.
Included at least one recommendation which demonstrated a unique, practical, and easily applicable enhancement or process improvement (i.e., DMAIC) that would directly benefit the candidate’s operating department and/or the company. To include a demonstration of business sense, cost consciousness, unique (not a department or company-wide initiative), and a substantial thought process which includes follow-up/through to ensure the completion of the recommendation.
Supporting Material
Utilized materials (photos, diagrams, handouts, props, etc.) to assist in clearly articulating the theme and telling their story during the presentation. In addition, the fonts on the slides were easily readable and the pictures were clear.
Grasp of Role/Responsibilities
Demonstrated an understanding of their day-to-day responsibilities in the operating area and the ability to consistently meet the demands of the job. In particular, the candidate must clearly demonstrate that they understand their role in ensuring employee and public safety.
Grasp of Bigger Picture/Context
Demonstrated an awareness of the required work functions and the issues that impact areas outside of their immediate section, department, and organization. In addition, they demonstrated:
1. an awareness of critical events that have shaped the company, and was able to describe these events in a coherent manner
2. knowledge of the Ombudsman, the role they play, and the ability to cite some major findings of the Ombudsman’s most recent report
3. an understanding of the company’s guiding mission, values, three corporate principles – Safety, Operational Excellence, and Customer Experience, to include “The Way We Work Principles”
4. an understanding and knowledge of the company’s Diversity & Inclusion efforts, ensuring a culture of inclusion and respect for all was cultivated in the workplace. Implement systems, policies, and processes that support and sustain inclusion, and eliminate discrimination and harassment
Knowledge of Policies/Procedures
Demonstrated knowledge of specifications, policies, and procedures that are relevant to their job
Engaged in activities outside the scope of their assignment, such as volunteering to serve on committees, mentoring/instructing new employees, offering new ideas for process improvements and adding value, as needed. In addition, the candidate did not wait to react to requests or situations but was proactive in accomplishing tasks and meeting goals.
Financial Acumen
Demonstrated knowledge of their section’s operating budgets, the difference between Capital and O&M, the costs and/or cost savings related to a project they worked on, and the impact of corporate, organizational, and departmental KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
Demonstration of Leadership Skills/Potential
Demonstrated a willingness to seek and accept responsibility, foster a positive work environment, increase morale, develop their employees, work to enhance productivity, celebrate success, and encourage others to embrace the company’s mission and guiding principles.
Utilization of Resources
Properly utilized the necessary tools and contacts both inside and outside the department to complete projects and achieve goals.
Displayed a willingness to be available for emergencies, and accommodate the needs of the department as situations arose. Effectively used pliable approaches to problem solving to gain assistance from others outside the immediate work group when necessary. Demonstrated the desire to foster an enhanced positive relationship with both internal and external customers through active listening, open communication, and prompt response times.

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