Dynamics of Stocks and Flows/ Systems thinking and design

Paper details:

Chapter 6 introduced the concept of stocks and flows, a central idea in dynamics. It presents the conceptual and mathematical definitions of stocks and flows, the diagramming tools for mapping networks of stocks and flows, and case studies of the use of stocks and flows in modeling projects including automobile recycling and the construction of pulp and paper mills. Developing facility in identifying, mapping, and interpreting the stock and flow networks of systems is a critical skill for any modern systems modeler.
Chapter 7 Explores the behavior of stocks and flows. From the dynamics of the stock, can you infer the behavior tasks are equivalent to integrating the flows to yield the stock and differentiating the stock to yield its net rate of change.
***Using the attached essay “Module 6 Stocks and Flows Sample” describe how stocks and flows were a part of the system. ***
Please use the attached Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 documents as a reference and may use additional resources/references to expand on the essay. Must cite all sources.

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