Draft Op-Ed Education inequality

Paper details:

Your Op-Ed should include 4 paragraphs: a short introductory paragraph that motivates readers to continue reading (i.e., it has a “hook”), two main paragraphs that follow the instructions below, and a short conclusion.
Your Op-Ed should be based on what we have learned in this course, including relevant readings and lectures. However, you are writing an Op-Ed, so it should not have footnotes or a bibliography at the end. When referencing a reading, you should cite it within the main text using a style that is appropriate for an Op-Ed (e.g., “a study conducted by Jane Doe and colleagues…”, “research conducted by John Doe and other political scientists…”, etc.).
The total word count for this assignment cannot exceed 500 words.
Main paragraph #1 (max. 250 words): Write a paragraph specifying what you think, according to what we have learned in this course, is the main obstacle to improving education equity in the U.S. (choose one of the X’s below). Your paragraph should have the following structure:

“The main obstacle to improving the equity of U.S. education is [X].

– Theoretical argument about how/ why X affects educational equity

– Empirical evidence about the magnitude of X’s effect on educational equity.”

Main paragraph #2 (max. 200 words): Write another paragraph with the following structure choosing one of the Z’s below:

“Another commonly cited obstacle includes [Z]. However (choose 1 of the following, and explain your choice):

– Theoretical argument about how/ why Z affects educational equity

– Empirical evidence (choose 1 of the following 3 options): Although there is evidence that Z is also an obstacle to improving the equity of U.S. education, the evidence suggests that X is a more important obstacle than Z, OR We do not have good evidence on whether or not Z affects educational equity, OR There is good evidence that Z is not an obstacle to improving educational equity.

X’s or Z’s you can choose from for your draft Op-Ed (*):

– The level of education funding available to school districts

– The structure of education funding

– The education governance structure

– White parents and voters’ attitudes toward racial and ethnic minorities

only use the sources attached. no formal citation or bibliography, no parenthesis citation only in-text citation

The main and full instruction is attached as Draft OP ED every instruction should be followed to letter

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