Document Processing Applications

WPS Office is a word processing document that makes official tasks done in institutions and other professional areas possible. WPS is an upgrade of Kingsoft Corp, which serves the same purpose as Microsoft Office. The compatibility of the software to different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android, and Mac sets it at high standards. WPS office services can be accessed using mobile phones; the easy availability of phones has made the software most preferable. WPS Office design comes with an elaborate editing feature that allows working on images, charts, tables, and texts to obtain presentable documents. The software also allows accurate conversion of documents to PDF formats and vice versa, thus saving on storage. The system is fitted with tools that make presentations spectacular. Users of the software can freely add notes during live presentations. WPS Office is packed with a data recovery plan that ensures the safety of documents in case of anything (CompareCamp, 2019).

Although WPS Office provides quality word processing services, it has some disadvantages that may make it inconvenient. WPS Office software is prone to advertisements nuisance distracting their users. The system also updates automatically, and this may inconvenience users that may not require upgrades. Some features provided by WPS Office require extra spending that may not be available. The system only offers a one-month free trial, after which some payment expectations follow.

Dropbox enables online file storage and sharing and serves as Microsoft Word substitute. It saves documents through cloud storage and allows a smooth transfer of the materials to others. Dropbox works effectively with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Besides, Dropbox mobile phone software is available, which promotes easy document accessibility. The registration and use of the Dropbox account are free; therefore, it is eligible for anyone to use. The system also provides 2-gigabyte free storage that can be further boosted. It also supports different document formats, such as Excel files and word documents. It is possible to access documents from the computer through the phone provided the same account is used. Dropbox also allows security to records through the use of encryption.  Videos and music files can also be incorporated in Dropbox papers by dragging or copying the links. Generally, the use of Dropbox is simple to understand and operate (Mudrakola, 2017).

However, dormant Dropbox accounts can be deleted by their maintainers if it stays in an inactive state for long. Inactiveness may lead to loss of confidential information in case circumstances limit a user from browsing. Dropbox accounts are subject to sabotage by hackers, and for this reason, storing highly sensitive data may not be suitable (Mudrakola, 2017). Once the storage space offered by the software depletes, a user may be forced to buy storage. Accessing older files stored in Dropbox is quite tricky due to the lack of search engines. The system cannot run when offline, unlike other word processing applications.

WPS Office and Dropbox provide a platform where a smooth transfer of documents through means such as mailing in the same way that Microsoft Word works is possible. Just like Microsoft Word, both WPS Office and Dropbox can edit files and images and make quality representations. Both WPS Office and Dropbox find application in different areas such as businesses, in institutions, and at person level due to the safety, they provide documents just like Microsoft Word application does. They can also convert documents into different file formats in the way Microsoft Word performs.


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