Disseminate an Innovate Proposal

Paper details:

At work in the medical-surgical post-operative unit, frustrated with the flow of client information before discharge, you state, “I wish I did not have to wait for a physician to call to get discharge orders for a patient. Often the client has to sit in the unit all day waiting to go home until a physician rounds. Then the client is usually leaving around the change of shift, creating a backlog of discharges and admits, increasing the chance for errors as information is missed.”

You have an innovative idea of how to solve this communication issue. The Nurse Manager asks you to prepare a plan and share your idea with the nursing team in one week at the monthly staff meeting.

Summarize the key components of your proposed innovative idea. The purpose of this is to convince the nursing staff your innovative idea is relevant.
What needs to be included?

Title of the proposed innovative idea
Descriiption of the innovative idea
Include the need the innovation is meeting, purpose of the innovation, and a descriiption of how you envision the innovation functioning with support from credible resources
The relevance of the innovative idea
In the notes, include a descriiption of the possible impacts of this innovative idea relevant to the proposed setting with support from credible resources
At least one reference from original research or evidence-based findings supporting your idea

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