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Please read grading rubric.

This is for week 4 discussion. 250-300 words. Please also consider this comment by instructor: We won’t be reading too much about theory–just enough to know that a theory is like a framework, a lens, through which we can understand and assess health informatics tools and systems better than if we didn’t have a theory. In the following weeks, we’ll be spending more time on practice (that hopefully is guided by theory/evidence). The medical informatics needs assessment is meant to be a fun reading–exercise, rather–where you’d get some good sense of how things used to be (what were considered “medical informatics”, what skills were expected, etc.). As with any readings, I encourage you all to take a critical view when reading that assessment form: Do you think if it’s up-to-date? Any skills you think are important to have yet missing from that assessment? What target users and contexts do you think that assessment was designed for? Would it apply to your work context or profession? Why/why not? Also, as we move deeper into the semester, I encourage you to relay back to the previous weeks’ readings and compare–did anything in this week’s reading remind you of something in a previous week? How so? Did these readings from different weeks have similar positions/arguments or did they differ in some ways? How might the readings from different weeks contribute to the construction of a bigger picture (think of each reading or topic as a puzzle piece; when putting them together, what larger picture might they reveal and what pieces might still be missing)? Think about these as we move forward with the weeks.”

Week 4 Readings
Week 4: Interoperability & Standardized Terminologies

• Interoperability: https://www.healthit.gov/topic/interoperability (Links to an external site.)

• Interoperability in Healthcare: https://www.himss.org/resources/interoperability-healthcare (Links to an external site.)

• Luann Whittenburg (2019). Standardized Terminologies for Data Interoperability in Health Information Exchange. https://himss19.mapyourshow.com/7_0/collateral_redirect.cfm?CollateralID=77&

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