Discussion Week 3

Verbal uttering contains the power to shape and decide the future. When we draft our plans and commit ourselves to a specific cause and declare it to other people, we show our belief and confidence in our capabilities. The mind believes and incorporates what we say through our mouth. We tend to prompt the mind and the inner self to take commitments seriously, whenever we tell others. According to Ben-Shahar, 2007, surrounding ourselves with influential people, we can share our experiences increases the chance of achieving our dreams. Relationships provide a circle of happiness that ensures I can stick to my lane, overcome obstacles, explore my inner abilities, and enjoy the process of implementing my plans. Telling the right people about my goals will give me the desire to attain the intent to make them happy and also enlightens me with new ideas that I could not have solely realized.

           Happiness is the ultimate currency we can pursue without losing the desire or asking ourselves the ‘what next’ question. Satisfaction is a basic human need that replenishes each day and makes us engage in every task. When we try to become happier, our level of success, well-being, pleasure, and meaning increases, indeed craving for being happier is a worthy treasure to pursue. I am blessed because I have the gift of life and the conscience to pursue happiness. I have an incredible family, supportive friends, and I enjoy everything nature entails. I am blessed because the thing I do in life had intrinsic motivation; I want to do everything that makes up my days but not have to. Likewise, I am blessed because I believe in a promising future since my crucial want is the ultimate currency.

           People who craft goals considering their interests, beliefs, and value related to the monks’ behavior climbing the hill. People who set goals that provide self-fulfillment without social pressures are less likely to experience anxiety and boredom in pursuing their dreams. Plans offer a direction that keeps an individual on track and enables him/her to enjoy the journey towards success. When you get lost in a hike, you feel desperate and unhappy because you regret why you chose to hike in an unknown destination. Even though you get used to hiking, know all routes, and enjoy temporally, in the end, the activity will become monotonous because you lack meaning for hiking. Growth goals explore individual abilities; they cause a positive change in the state of an individual. Connection goals link a person to self-beliefs and people, while contribution plans positively impact society (Ben-Shahar, 2007).

           The man is happiest alive and smiles because he is happy. The smiles the man shows are genuine because he found the secret to happiness at work. The man employs other techniques to make his work pleasurable such as communicating with people and giving himself extra responsibilities. Some of the hedonistic activities that provide an illusion of relief to students include taking drugs, alcohol, partying, seeking fame, and engaging in sexual relationships. In my perspective, I find no pleasure in the hedonistic activities in college because I like being true to myself. Misuse of time occurs when we engage in activities we do not really want or have neither meaning nor passion. It becomes wastage of time because the efforts are for no cause, and we are likely to abandon the task after a while. However, we still squander time because we are afraid of social expectations and yearn to maintain our social status. ‘Our fear of loss creates loss’ because we cannot bear the sadness we lose things that make us happy. Due to the fear of losing elements that contribute to our happiness, we deny ourselves significant agents that make us happy, and we end up unhappy (Ben-Shahar, 2007).


Ben-Shahar, T. (2007). Happier: Learn the secrets to daily joy and lasting fulfillment. McGraw Hill Professional.

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