Discussion Prompts chemistry


Discussion Prompts chemistry

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This module introduces the concept of organic chemistry. The properties of those organic compounds are characterized by their functional groups.

Read the discussion prompts and create an initial post of 200-250 words. After you complete your initial post, respond to your classmates.

Discussion Prompts

Choose a pharmaceutical drug and answer the following questions about the drug:

1. What is the IUPAC chemical name?
2. Who discovered it or what company discovered it and when (if available)?
3. What does the compound look like? Provide a picture of the compound.
4. What are the functional groups in the compound?
5. What are the medical uses for the drug?
6. What is the mechanism of action of the drug (how does it work to affect the disease or malady)?
7. How is it usually administered (ex. IV, pill, etc.)?
8. What are the potential adverse effects of the drug?

Ask ONE (1) clarifying question about a topic you find difficult or want to learn more about from the concepts introduced in this module.

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