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Paper details:They say that literature is a reflection of life. Right now, there is a war between Ukraine and Russia. Some commentators have said that companies who are suspending operations in Russia are trying to pacify the mob – the media and all those calling to punish Russia. For example, Master Card and Visa have stopped doing business with Russia. This means that normal citizens in Russia are now having financial issues. Other examples include Apple and auto makers. Below is one article from the NY Post that goes into some depth.
Other commentators are talking about how coverage of the war in Ukraine is very inaccurate. Some compare the coverage in Ukraine to the coverage of Afghanistan or the coverage in Syria in 2014. Below is an article that discusses phony coverage over the Ukraine war.
Additionally, Putin has tried to monitor social media and he has imposed legal ramifications for reporters who report “misinformation.”

Your prompt: Is there a connection between either of Orwell’s readings and what is going on today? Do we see any elements of 1984 or “Shooting an Elephant’? In a well-written response, discuss the connections between either story and events that are happening in the world today. Use either or both texts as well as at least one other source.

In a reply to this post, answer the above prompt. Reply to one other person’s post about Orwell’s connection or lack of connection. You must be substantive in both your post and your reply.

Be sure to cite your sources – including Orwell. While I am not asking for full citations, I need the name of the article title, book, short story, etc., author, and website.

Use the sources below and find your own to help answer this prompt. Examples from the text as well as another source are required for full points.

Here are the companies that have cut ties with Russia over the Ukraine invasion (nypost.com)

Fact check: Phony images masquerading as CNN coverage go viral amid war in Ukraine – CNNPolitics

Putin’s social media bans test Russia’s power to keep news from citizens (axios.com)

Global news media on defensive after Putin signs ‘fake news’ law | Reuters

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