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According to Yalom (1995), therapeutic factors are actual mechanisms of effecting change in a patient. In his sensational work, Yalom highlighted 11 aspects of great significance in the client’s recovery. The group facilitator takes the parental role and the clients the siblings such that they are comfortable to speak their hearts out. The therapist should listen to their clients, and also the patients should listen and learn from each other (PsychotherapyNet, 2009). These factors include; universality, altruism, instillation of hope,  guidance, developing skills, interpersonal learning, imparting information, cohesion, catharsis, existential element, imitative behaviour and corrective recapitulation of a family of origin issues. These factors can be assessed using Yalom Q-sort and the Navajo sweat lodge ceremony to mention a few.

In counselling applications, counsellors need to adopt effective strategies to ensure quality services to their clients. The group facilitator should maintain a professional relationship with the clients (NCBI, 2000). One of the counselling applications technique is establishing a client-counsellor relationship. The clients are likely to open up and cooperate when assessed under a close client-counsellor match since they will feel understood and valued (Meyers, 2018). A perfect instance I can relate with is a young teen that turned into a drug addict and tireless effort to seek spiritual and rehabilitation help continuously failed. Eventually, one local counsellor assessed the teenage and discovered he was a homosexual after creating a close relationship with him, and the problem was solved later.

Finally, a corrective emotional experience method allows counsellors to use their personal lives in counselling. Such an experience should be carefully taken to shape, positively influence, satisfy and give meaning to the clients’ lives (Lonczak, 2020). This is a phenomenon I have witnessed depressed deceased boy studied hard and later became a psychologist despite the difficulties encountered. He uses his story to energize orphans, who are desperate in life.


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