Discussion: Credit Score

Please write 1-2 paragraph for this assignment. In our Module Two discussion, we considered the impact of selecting alternative uses of an unexpected lump sum receipt of $5,000: to lower debt or invest. Based upon your answer to last week′s Module Two discussion, would the choice that you made have a positive effect on your credit score? My response for last week Discussion ″The decision to make an investment or repay a debt should be based on a comparison of the after-tax income of the investment and the interest expense of the debt. An investment is a better idea if the after-tax profit of the investment is greater than the interest paid on the debt. If the return on investment after tax is less than or equal to the interest expense on the debt, the debt will be repaid. The loan rate at the time of purchase of an apartment or vehicle is higher than the loan rate of a student loan, so you must first apply a bonus sign to repay the loan for the purchase of an apartment or vehicle″.

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