Discussion 3 | Relationship Conflict

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Order instructions:Discussion 3 | Relationship Conflict
• Goleman: Chapter 3 – When Smart is Dumb
• Goleman: Appendix E – The Self Science Curriculum
Discussion 3 | Relationship Conflict

This week your assignment is to reflect on Appendix E (Goleman) with regards to your identified relationship and conflict. Choose one area of Emotional Intelligence listed in Appendix E and share your ideas for how you are going to grow in this area regarding your identified relationship along with a scripture to guide this aspect. Respond to others with suggestions of what has worked for you in similar situation. Together we will have a number of ideas of how to grow in Emotional Intelligence.
Discussion Instructions
• Post a substantive response to the prompt by the first deadline shown in the weekly overview text.
• Initial posts should be 3-4 paragraphs in length where a paragraph is at least 5 sentences.
• Respond to two posts. Responses should be 1-2 paragraphs in length where a paragraph is at least 5 sentences.
• Remember to use APA citations where applicable.

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