Discuss border routers, internal routers, router tables, router capabilities

Discussion 1

Clarify the distinctions between WEP, WPA and WPA2. What is “the only choice today.”? Why? Short and direct answers

Discussion 2

An innovative tool that utilizes networking is Lidar. Using the link below, explain what it is, and potential (for talking points in interviews, or with colleagues?) uses in business. What sort of network tools or protocols does it use? https://www.microdrones.com/en/content/5-compelling-applications-for-lidar-technology/

Short and direct answers


1. Discuss border routers, internal routers, router tables, router capabilities. Do a quick bit or research on the cost and capabilities of routers with business capabilities and report back. We’ve touched on routers several previous times. Be sure to provide substantial detail as to their various capabilities in various settings, and in their key role in enabling (creating?) networks.

2. What does it mean to say that the internet is by one definition a nest of networks, created and managed by routers? Note Figure 8-6: an ISP network is NOT what? What to the terms Network, Subnet and Host mean?

3. Discuss the components (with basic definitions) of IPv4 and IPv6 packet structures.

4. Discuss the term “mask” and explain why the functionality is necessary.

I usually add a couple of references and direct answers with an example

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