disaster paper

Paper details:

choose a disaster that has occurred throughout the world. Write a 4 page paper regarding the actions of the community and government before and after the disaster.

* ➢  Start with the type of disaster that occurred and where it was located.
* ➢  Give a brief descriiption of the disaster
* ➢  What type of natural or technological hazard caused the disaster?
* ➢  What was the level of damage that occurred?
* ➢  How many deaths did it cause?
* ➢  Were there any secondary natural or technological hazard that occurred.
* ➢  What aspects of a community’s geographic profile influence the hazard it faces?
* ➢  What human practices influence these hazards?
* ➢  Did the government respond adequately?
* ➢  Did the community respond adequately?
* ➢  What was the International Community’s response to the disaster?
* ➢  What did we learn from that situation to prevent or mitigate another occurrence?
* ➢  If you were in charge, what would your priorities be and how would you orchestrate the response

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