director’s production concept

Paper details:Read the play and write a director’s production concept statement for the play “Children of the sun”.

Instructions: Use Aristotle’s Six Parts of drama as your outline.
Your job is to share with me your production concept for the play…
Begin with shows relevance and your belief in the beauty of the show.
1.Plot, you might write about what you see as the major conflict in the play. What is the inciting
incident? Where does the climactic moment fall? (You can also write about any changes to the plot
you want to make such as setting it in a different time period etc.)
2. For character, you can identify the protagonist(s) and antagonist(s). You may also identify
potential actors/classmates that you would cast in your production (and why).
3. For thought, you should write about what you see are the major ideas that the play expresses and
the ones your production will highlight.
4. For language: you may write about any challenges that language presents or changes to the
language you will make (Rhythm etc.)
5. Sound you should write about what the world might sound like… As well as music that is relevant
and appropriate to the world of your play as of right now.
6. For spectacle, you may write about the preliminary looks, settings, wigs, visuals etc.
The inciting incident is the event that launches the main action. It
typically occurs within the first act of the story and means something
significant for the main character, most likely impacting their entire life. It
should also fully engage the reader with the story, serving as an indicator
of what’s to come.
Be creative with these projects. What is your vision for the play? You have total artistic

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– something that I found in the internet that might help
– the actual scriipt

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