Direct Writing Response

Topic:Direct Writing Response

Paper details:Submit your Directed Writing (DW) for Week 4 here. This is a 5-point assignment (general DW guidelines attached) due by 11:59 a.m. on Monday, September 13. For DW #1: First, re-read the essay “Why You Should Get Rid of Your TV” by Mark Morgan Ford (posted in the Week 3 folder); then respond to Ford’s argument. Your response can be “global,” meaning you can tell your readers whether you agree or disagree with his thesis, the overall point he tries to convince us to believe, and why. Or you may respond to particular aspects of his essay — individual points he makes or individual illustrations he uses. You can even respond to HOW he makes his case, meaning that you can evaluate the effectiveness of his writing and the strategies he employs. Regardless of your choice, be sure to provide an overview of Ford’s argument. Imagine that your readers have not read the essay for themselves. It is your job to give them the “gist” of it so that your response will then have maximum impact. If you decide to respond to more than just Ford’s thesis, remember to also summarize whatever elements of the essay (or of his approach) that you want to respond to. I recommend that, in addition to “overview and response,” you apply the strategies related to both the rhetorical situation and the writing process (see above) as you work on this assignment. I will reformat the assignment.

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