Diaspora and Stereotypes in Monica Ali’s Postcolonial Bildungsroman Brick Lane

Paper details:

I already started my paper but I am far from done. I hope you will be able to help me with it 🙂

In my Expose my professor mentioned some points I have to work on (I tried but I am not sure if I managed to include them all):
– lit. historical placement of the novel
– State of research from the topic and theoretical approach
-the theoretical approach and thesis in general
-usage of correct terms for literary criticism (example nünning chapter 5)
-also more reading in Cambridge History of Black and asian British writing (2020)

In general the requirements are
– word size: 12 (Calibri or Times New Roman)
-1,5 spaced
– no footnotes
– MLA style
-pages numbered consecutively
-paragraphs with inset first line except for the first paragraph of each chapter

Guidelines given for Structure:
– Introduction
-Theory and Method
-Main Section Conclusion

I am uploading my Bachelorthesis which I alredy started and the Guidelines (in detail)

As English is not my first language, it is okay to write in “simpler English”, but it is important for my professor to use the right terminology.

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