Development of measures to improve the efficiency of tourism enterprises of the European Union during a pandemic

  • Topic: Development of measures to improve the efficiency of tourism enterprises of the European Union during a pandemic.
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  • Number of pages: 33 pages/double spaced (9075 words)
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  • Number of source/references: 5
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Here is what I agreed to do with my supervising teacher. So it would be great if you could stick to this plan. Nevertheless, you are free to make changes.

In terms of the structure of my work, I am thinking about defining three stages of traveling: transportation, accommodation and touristic activities such as sightseeing etc.
After that I will select a couple of main service providers at each stage and compare their performance before and during the pandemic. At the same time I will be evaluating the safety measures and innovative approaches they implemented, for example in terms of marketing, pricing or management.
As for the technical part, I will start with collecting theoretical material on the topic of my research and summarizing it in the form of a literature review. Further, based on the literature review, I will develop hypotheses and test them in the practical part of the work.
At this stage, the data will be collected via a questionnaire. The questionnaire will be provided through an online survey using Google platform tools, highlighting the main purpose of my study. The respondents to this study will be top managers and employees of tourism enterprises of the European Union.
Respondents will be assured that the data will only be collected for the academic community and no other body will have access to this information. In addition, I plan to emphasize that participants will remain anonymous, as they will not be required to provide their name, address and mobile phone numbers.
Thus, respondents will be able completed it on their smartphones, laptop / computer.

Alternatively, I am thinking about developing another survey for tourist, which will reveal their opinion and impression of measures introduced to tourism. As a result, conclusions regarding efficiency of those measures will become more informative and unbiased.

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