Development of a Stock Price Prediction Model Based on Individual Investor Emotions

Paper details:

The research paper is about 10,000 words and the subject should focus on UK stock markets, behavioural finance, asset pricing, and the relation between market emotions and stock price. The research paper should use qualitative and quantitative analysis, combining behavioural finance and asset pricing theories to improve the asset pricing model. The writer should use 8 to 10 charts or graph in this research paper. The research paper should focus on making a better Stock Price Prediction Model Based on Individual Investor Emotions. The helper should be familiar with advanced asset pricing theory and behavioural finance theory. The writer should state his or her new findings based on theory or the prediction model he or she made on this research paper. To fulfil this requirement, a large amount of related journal paper reading and synthesis of previous opinions are needed. To finalized this task well, the helper should have strong behavioural finance learning background (PhD candidates and professors in world-recognized universities are required).

The writer should have his or her own academic resource (such as a University library) to search relevant data and academic journals when he or she writes this paper. All of the papers that use to support the writer’s statements on this research paper should come from peer-review journals. The data that uses in this research paper to support the prediction model should come from the UK stock market. The period of time for the data on this research paper should be from 2010 to 2020. If some outliers exist on the dataset, the writer should use appropriate methods to clean the data.

The writer should use appropriate sentences in this research paper, avoiding using simple sentences frequently. The writer should also make sure the paragraph is coherently and cohesively on the whole of this research paper. When doing qualitative analysis, the writer should make sure there is not any logical problems and logical gaps in the whole argument. Most importantly, the writer should avoid plagiarism.

The prediction model in this research paper should be reliable (with high R square) and based on advanced asset pricing theory.

These are the units of study that are related to this research paper: SF2701 Financial Mathematics, SF2942 Portfolio Theory and Risk Management courses, and at least one of two courses in SF2975 Financial Derivatives or SF2980 Risk Management, and at least one of four courses in SF2930 Regression Analysis, SF2935 Modern Statistical Learning Methods, SF2943 Time Series Analysis or SF2955 Computer Intensive Methods in Mathematical Statistics.

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