development induced displacement and involuntary resettlement


development induced displacement and involuntary resettlement

Paper details: main Document size ; around 12000

had 32 data tables as you seen here

Field work data were presented on the tables as simple counting

need to write a paper based on the objectives adding a statistical analytical method suitable for those objectives .

writer can add even new ideas suitable for those objectives

new statistical analysis should be easily understandable

objectives –

To analyze the loss and adequacy of paid compensation of ………….Project,
To examine whether the resettled persons have restored their livelihoods.

table example

Do you have land title before resettlement and Do you have the land title now?
Before resettlement After resettlement
N % N %
Yes 120 90.2 124 93.2
No 13 9.7 7 5.2
No answer 0 0 2 1.5
Total 133 100% 133 100%

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