Develop Nursing Care Plan in EHR (DocuCare) with Millie Larsen Unfolding Case Study

Paper details:

****Please complete in a work document, I will transfer to Docucare.
*****Please utilize “Risk for Falls related to Unstable gait secondary to Osteoarthritis”

Utilize the Millie Larsen Case Study and formulate one actual priority nursing diagnosis with supporting assessment data that demonstrates that this is a priority problem.

Choose a diagnosis that is different than the one you developed in the prior module.

The following boxes need to be completed in DocuCare for the diagnosis: Nursing Diagnosis:

Related to
Evidenced by for the diagnosis
Both boxes need to be completed in the Expected Outcome area.
All Boxes need to be completed in the Nursing Independent Interventions; use the “Add a row” box to provide space for your three interventions. The three nursing interventions need to include 1) one assessment type action, 1) one physical intervention that the nurse would perform, and 1) one patient teaching intervention. Give rationales explaining why each intervention will help alleviate or resolve this problem.
For the evaluation step of this nursing care plan, you will need to speak to what & how you would evaluate your interventions’ effectiveness in meeting the desired patient goal/outcome, as if you carried this out.
The other “Collaborative intervention” box does not need to be completed.
The “Rationale” box needs to be completed and in it you identify the scientific reason for choosing this diagnosis based on Millie’s clinical condition.
The Conclusion/Summary box needs to be completed to summarize the overall degree of achievement of meeting the outcome. Can use this area to describe if modification or revision necessary.
The case is named Gerontology: ACES, Urinary Tract Infection: Millie Larsen.

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