develop a map of a healthcare process or system

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There are techniques we can use to help us process and map out priorities so we can make effective decisions. This video on Process Mapping ( shows you how effective a visual map can be. Review this video and then go to p. 164 of your textbook (Healthcare Operations Management McLaughlin, D. B., & Olson, J. R., ISBN:9781567938517) in Chapter 6. Go to Exercises and review #4, where it states to:

Individually, develop a map of a healthcare process or system with which you are familiar. Make sure that your process map has a start and an endpoint, all inputs and outputs are defined, and all key process steps are included. Explain your map to the rest of the class—this step may help you determine if anything is missing.

You may use Microsoft Word to assist in mapping your assignment and remember to upload your finished map to the discussion board when done. Available mind map templates can be found here:

Again, explain your map to the rest of the class

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