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IV: analysis of the influencing factors of cyber crime. It is mainly rewritten based on the original chapter 4, in order to support the proposal of the following models.
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The major focus of the paper is the cybercrime determinants and their impact on e-commerce development: a case study of Bangladeshi. The following are the major hypotheses to address in this paper:
H1: Cybercrime negatively impacts e-commerce in Bangladesh.
H2: Creating awareness among the masses regarding cybercrime will assist the smooth flow of e-commerce activities in Bangladesh.
H3: Proper management of the correct cybercrime issues is essential for removing ecommerce activities barriers from Bangladesh.
H4: Convenience and benefits associated with ecommerce are the main drivers of its growth.
H5: Cybercrime and online shoppers’ confidence negatively relate to each other. It is essential to investigate whether consumer confidence declines when cybercrime increases. Consumer confidence is necessary for the growth in online commerce.
H6 : Resilient cyber-security measures positively influence as trust online shopping development in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, cyber-security measures are necessary to support online shopping development. Therefore, it is vital to determine the connection between online shopping and cyber-security.
H7: Implementing preventive management technique to reduce cybercrime will help boost ecommerce activities in Bangladesh

The concept model is shown figure

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Figure 2: Conceptual Framework (Author’s own)
To create the influence of management technique and awareness to E-commerce and whether cybercrime exerting evident intermediate role between them.

2. Measurement Variables With Table
Each variable in the table below has a corresponding indicator (measurement) from the literature
Variable Indicator Literature
Virtual information storage 1. Cloud development
2. Information storage on emails Tatarinova et al. (2016)
Yeasmin & Wu (n.d.)
Reputation on the country’s economy 1. Negative sentiments against the economy and e-commerce
2. Ill comments about online shopping and economy
3. Low investors’ confidence
4. Skepticism by investors about the government Rezk et al. (2017)
Yeasmin & Wu (n.d.)
Hossain (2021).
Online shopping development 1. Online commerce growth rate
2. Demand for online services and products
3. Customers shifting towards online commerce
4. Growth in the e-commerce expansion Rezk et al. (2017)
Shoppers’ confidence in e-commerce 1. Customer ratings on the e-commerce
2. Consumer reviews on the online commerce
3. Customer complaints on cybersecurity violation Setiawan et al. (2018)
Cybersecurity measures 1. Firewalls
2. Strong passwords
3. Awareness against reckless behavior
4. Updates on the information security measures Tatarinova et al. (2016)
Yeasmin & Wu (n.d.)

In the quantitative research method approach, the data will be collected from primary sources through an online survey for accessing cybercrime and its impact on Bangladesh’s e-commerce. The survey approach will be practical based on collecting quantitative data from primary sources and focus on Bangladesh’s e-commerce cybercrime and its management (Yin, 2011). 100 manages of the e-commerce companies will be recruited for surveys; the data will be collected from them using close-ended questionnaire that will be dispersed through online mediums regarding cybercrime activities in Bangladesh.
E-commerce development, has ,a wide range in terms of scope and with this, the researcher will only focus on the quantitative data that will be provided by small and medium scale online businesses instead of big companies, for e-commerce development. Furthermore, businesses with notable social media presence will be chosen, regardless of the industry in which the business is For the cybercrime data, the researcher will collect the necessary information by focusing on the company’s security, which is the main threats to cybercrime, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), phishing, malware and ransomware, SQL injection, cross-site scriipting, and e-skimming. The researcher will also obtain data which are useful for this research such as the company’s profile, mode of advertising, mode of payment, storage of personal information and other information necessary to complete the needed information for the problem.
For cybercrime development, will also focus on whether the primary sources of data collection are using any form of e-commerce security to avoid the occurrence of cybercrime.Also, as the Covid-19 pandemichas forced companies to lay downwork from home policies,many industries rely on cloud use more than ever now. Where it is pertinent to get hows protection from cybercrime as well. The notable e-commerce software that will be included in this research are the use of PCI DSS, International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Transport Layer Security (TLS), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and HTTPS authentication, 2-factor authentication, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) (Phillips, 2021).
Data Analysis
The data analysis will be completed through IBM’s statistical tool SPSS 21.The use of the statistical tool will help analyze the validity and reliability of the data collected and analyze the outcome of the research objective. This analysis of data in the early stages is crucial for the overall interpretation of the survey data collected from the questionnaire created (Atkinson, 2002). The primary objective of data analysis in any research is to derive conclusions and seek patterns in the data collected. It involves searching systematically and arranging the collected data from surveys and other sources for increasing the researcher’s understanding of the phenomenon at hand. In this case, the quantitative outcome will help collect information and provide outcomes from the specific group of participants. A group of almost 100 managers will be chosen to keep the specific amount and collect information from the e-commerce managers in Bangladesh only. Although the number of managers operating in e-commerce in Bangladesh is higher , this amount is chosen to collect on point information and limit the study . Besides, the literature and secondary sources will be analyzed to understand different strategies and problems faced by the industry’s management

Significance of Study
Cybercrime is increasing in Bangladesh at an unprecedented rate. The lack of knowledge and awareness regarding this problem is adding to issue. Conducting this research will serve as an awareness paper for e-commerce companies regarding their vulnerabilities and how they must guard themselves against such vulnerabilities. It will allow the government of Bangladesh to look into the severity of this issue and how they must take vigilant steps to curb cybercrime in the nation. This will allow for the enhancement of e-commerce in the country and will further help in the economic prosperity of the nation.

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