define what hubris meant to the ancient Greeks


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Part I

In one or two sentences define what hubris meant to the ancient Greeks.

In one or two sentences give an example from the Greek myth of a character committing hubris.

Part II

Read the poem below. In approximately 200 words explain how A. E. Stallings rewrites Ovid’s version of the myth of Apollo and Daphne to change the power relations between the god and the nymph. (You might want to read pages 65-66 in Antigone Rising again if you want to remind yourself of Ovid’s version of the myth). Give specific examples to illustrate your points.

A.E. Stallings, Daphne (1999)

Do what you will.

What blood you’ve set to music I

Can change to chlorophyll,

And root myself, and with my toes

Wind to subterranean streams.

Through solid rock my strength now grows.

Such now am I, I cease to eat,

But feed on flashes from your eyes;

Light, to my new cells, is meat

Find then, when you seize my arm

That xylem thickens in my skin

And there are splinters in my charm,

I may give in; I do not lose.

Your hot stare cannot stop my shivering,

With delight, if I so choose.

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