Defense and Intelligence Communities

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This unit focuses on Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT), especially within the Defense and Intelligence Communities as it pertains to battlespace situational awareness/real time situational awareness.
Refer to the Washington Post newspaper article on the Metropolitan Police Department’s use of the Shotspotter system: Shotspotter Detection System Documents 39000 Shooting Incidents (Links to an external site.).
The article states that the system has recorded over 39,000 shooting incidents in the District. I cannot believe that the Mayor would be happy with this article and would most likely called the Police Chief to explain what this means.
If you were an Intelligence Analyst working for the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, and were asked to put together an intelligence report regarding the Shotspotter system, what relevant data regarding the use of Shotspotter in the District and other jurisdictions would you want to collect?
Using OSINT, provide all relevant data necessary to make a recommendation regarding the effectiveness, or ineffectiveness, of the Shotspotter system.

APA 6th Edition, no cover page, specific and very detailed, logic of graduate level

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