Decision Making: Caitlin’s Dilemma

Caitlan expresses personal values when she chooses to rent her apartment instead of staying with her mother. The personal value of Caitlan is affirmed when she opts to do a part-time job at the yogurt shop or somewhere else rather than living with her mother if she decides to go to nearby community college (Values, Attitudes, Goals, and Motivation 72). Caitlan’s mother, on the other hand, portrays traditional values. Customarily, youths tend to lose education focus when they engage in income-generating activities before completion of school. Caitlan’s mother feels her daughter will lose track of her habitual norm of studying if she decides to find a full-time job. Caitlan’s mother fear reflects what society believes will unfold in case one decides to find a job after senior school graduation (Values, Attitudes, Goals, and Motivation 73).

               What Caitlan needs to do is to figure out her goals in life. Caitlan’s goals should dictate what she gives priority to the other (Decision Making and Problem Solving 71). Let us assume that she desires to pursue education to greater heights so that she can be financially stable. Then she should explore whether the course she will take in the community college will enable her to earn more if she completes it. Again she should consider if the yogurt shop job offers her a suitable position to make more than if she went to college when she becomes the assistant manager. She should look at the future of the yogurt shop or other local jobs and the future the college education will provide for her.

               If I were in Caitlan’s position, I would go to college and do a part-time job while in school. I would then use the funds to rent my apartment without forgetting my school ambitions. Indeed this decision will be of quality and acceptable to Caitlan’s mother as well as my desires (as Caitlan). Also, the decision bears the advantage of flexibility because, upon completion of college, she can still get a local job or other professional jobs (Decision Making and Problem Solving 132). For instance, if there is an unexpected change in the management Caitlin’s works or there in case of a promotion and the office requires college graduates, she will be able to compete accordingly.             

               The DECIDE model could help Caitlan case if she utilizes it effectively by first defining her purpose in life. If Caitlan begins by identifying her lifetime objectives, she can roughly estimate the resources she needs to achieve her goal. The estimated resources should atomically eliminate alternatives that may be considered in her case. Caitlan should then imagine the outcomes the decision she supposes to take will yield. If the imagined consequences are within her objectives, she should develop a plan to ensure it becomes successful. Finally, she should evaluate her decision results by looking at her ambitions, her mother’s desire and society (Decision Making and Problem Solving 136)

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