DB 11 Gender and Leadership chapter 15


DB 11 Gender and Leadership chapter 15

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Please read chapter 15 (Gender and Leadership) of your text. We will start week 11 with topics and questions from chapter 15 of your text.

Chapter 15

Gender diversity in leadership has been unequal since men and women entered the work force. Executive leadership roles for women have been relatively scarce and in some companies there has never been a female Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This exclusion has started to change over the last few decades, but women as a whole at the executive leadership level have remained underrepresented.

Female leaders such as a CEO tend to lead differently that male CEO’s. Data has shown that women lead using more democratic leadership approaches than men who use more of an authoritarian approach to leadership. Women also tend to use more adaptive approaches to lead versus men.

According to Northouse, “Although the gender gap in influential leadership positions remains clearly visible, there is evidence that it is starting to close. Understanding the obstacles that make up the labyrinth and tactics to eradicate the inequality will make it easier for women to reach top positions.”

Please visit the attached link for gender data in leadership for background information.


Chapter 15 Questions

1. Research a minimum of three peer reviewed publications (one must be Northouse) and describe at least five methods to reduce gender inequality. Each answer should be a paragraph in length.

You may contact the instructor for consideration of an article that is not peer reviewed.

2. How could the methods that you have described be measured?

Each answer should be in accordance with the discussion rubric.

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