Paper details:

The student will describe in paper format his/her potential data collection methods for the final research paper. Denote the location(s) of the data collection and analysis. Describe how you propose to collect data for your project, naming the specific tools, instruments, or collection methods that you will employ. Highlight any equipment rental, assistant expenses, data manipulation assistance, software purchases, or other items that may cost you money. The paper must denote concerns, safeguards, and expectations for data collection, as well as the format the data is to be presented in for the final paper.
Review professorial and every single student reply to your data collection discussion. Descrive your data collection process in a minimum of 750 words. The cover page, reference page, and table of contents will not be credited toward your word count minimum. Each section of the paper must be linear and logical from start to finish. The overview must minimally include: a cover page, table of contents, introduction, body, data presentation, budget, and conclusion. The author must include all of the rubric terms for content and formatting in the APA style. The paper must be submitted in Times New Roman 12 point font, with one-inch margins in Word.

The paper must include at least five (5) scholarly sources (primary sources must come from .edu or .gov sources, journals, or books). The assignment will prepare future educators for real world field research.

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