Danionella Cerebrum

Paper details:

Objective: This paper will be a review of the biology and life history of a the danionella cerebrum.

This paper will contain a descriiptive title and an abstract (less than 250 words) outlining the traits that make that species a potentially valuable asset as an aquaculture species. The abstract is a stand-alone overview of the paper that outlines all of the major points that will be discussed in the work. Then the paper should introduce the reader to the necessary background information highlighting the potential market for the species. Follow the introduction with a detailed descriiption of the natural environment of the species, its life history and how it could be domesticated for aquaculture production. The discussion section of the paper will provide a very brief summary of the species, identifying some of the physiological challenges that will need to be overcome or considered when designing intensive aquaculture systems. This may require a creative understanding of the biology of the species or of unique aquaculture technologies that can overcome species-specific limitations. Independent thinking is required. Summaries of extension documents or other resources without a demonstrated independent synthesis will lose points. Think outside the box. Following the body of the paper there should be a reference section containing all the references used in the paper. The reference section does not count toward the 2-3 page limit of the paper and there is no limit to the number of references that can be used (Minimum 4).

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