Cross culture Reflective discussion from reading chapter 10

Paper details:Reflective discussion on Chapter 10 Acceptance and Mindfulness for Undermining Prejudice

Masuda, A. (Ed). (2014. Mindfulness & Acceptance in Multicultural Competency. Oakland,

Write, record
 Describe the situation (the course, the context)
 Who was involved with the situation?
 What did they have to do with the situation?
Reflect, think about
 What are your reactions?
 What are your feelings?
 What are the good and the bad aspects of the situation?
 What you have learned?
Analyze, explain, gain insight
 What was really going on?
 What sense can you make of the situation?
 Can you integrate theory into the experience/situation?
 Can you demonstrate an improved awareness and self-development because of the
 What can be concluded in a general and specific sense from this situation/experience
and the analyses you have undertaken?
Personal action plan
 What are you going to do differently in this type of situation next time?
What steps are you going to take on the basis of what you have learned?
Additional Questions
 When have I learned? In what circumstances? Under what conditions?
MFT 653 Cross Cultural Mores and Values
School of Cultural & Family Psychology MFT Programs
 How have I learned or not, and do I know what kind of learner I am?
 How does what I have learned fit into a comprehensive, continual plan for learning?
 What difference has the learning made in my intellectual, personal, and ethical
 In what ways is what I have learned valuable to learn at all?
 Why did I learn?
CA: New Harbinger Publications. ISBN: 978-1-60882-746-6

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