Crocs – Developing Supply Chain Alignment, Adaptability and Agility

Paper details:

Focus: Studying a supply chain company in a business that typically relies on ‘push’. That is a forecast driven approach that tries to ‘pre-plan’ capacity with its partners to ensure supply will be available in the future when the demand is there. The important thing to notice is how they have effectively built a very responsive TOC-based system in an industry where that is very hard to do (and never done).

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Key questions to consider:
What is the story of Crocs? Where did it start? What does it make? Who does it serve?
What has been the key enabler of company growth?
What as the normal supply replenishment model used within the industry
What are some of the implications for companies in that industry?
What did Crocs do differently? What are the characteristics of Croc’s supply chain?
How has the Supply Chain model of Croc helped it to thrive in a period when others have struggled?
What is the nature of demand and supply for Crocs?
How have they established a supply chain that can develop near real-time demand and supply management? 

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