Critique of Informative Speech

It is essential to critique one’s presentation so as to help in enhancing the techniques required in delivering an effective speech. In my informative speech, I was addressing meningitis, a severe and deadly disease that require immediate medical attention ones suspected (Vardar et al., 2011). This subject was not new to students as it was in TV commercials. A majority must have either come across the advert of perhaps of the disease. Due to this awareness, I was able to capture the audience attention even for as they were eager to find more about the disease. And those who had not yet watched the commercial they were alert to see to keep up with the rest.

Outlining to the audience my objectives by the end of the presentation assert that I had an in-depth understanding of my topic. Observing a moment of silence we watched the short clip created an opportunity to observe the type of mood I had impacted on listeners.  Also incorporating practical examples using people that we were both familiar with boosted the cooperation I got from the audience.

However with all the positive aspect complimented it is also necessary to address the areas that needed improvement. To begin with a standard informative is supports to last 4 to 6 minutes, but for my presentation, I took 7.40 minutes. Also, it could be noted as I flipped from one page to another by the abrupt pauses in speech. By having known well the chronological order of my presentation, it would have helped in eliminating those pauses which would have gone a long way in ensuring that time limit is not exceeded. Otherwise, the performance was good with the minimum use of filler words such as “uh” and incomplete sentences. I was neither slow too nor very fast in talking during the speech.


Vardar, I., Gul Yurtsever, S., Coskun, N. A., Kaptan, F., El, S., & Ural, S. (2011). Menengitis due to Listeria monocytogenes: Case Report. ANKEM Dergisi25(1), 54-57.

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