Critical Discourse Analysis Methodological Literature in Neoliberal Education Reform Initiatives

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APA Format Edition 7
1. Critical Discourse analysis as a theory of qualitative research provides analysis of text, interaction, and social practices in educational policies.
2. Critical Discourse analysis is an emancipator or power of data gathering and interpretation (Jean Anyon).
3. Critical Discourse analysis is primarily interested in understanding social issues (Van Dijk).
4. Critical Discourse Analysis emphasis the need for interdisciplinary work in order to gain a better understanding of how language function in constituting and transmitting knowledge and power (Wodak & Meyers).
5. Critical discourse analysis aims to systematically explore opaque relationships of causality and determination between discursive practices, events and text.
6. Critical discourse analysis emphasizes the analysis of original documents i.e. A Nation at Risk, No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top.
7. Language can be used to represent a speaker’s beliefs, position, and ideas in terms of text and talk.
8. Language can be used a tool to promote social and political dominance and inequality in public education.
9. Critical Discourse analysis exercises power through written text, policies, and discursive practices.
10. Discourse is shaped and constrained by social structure (class, age, ethnicity, and gender).
11. Discourse helps share and constrain our identities, relationships, and systems of knowledge in public education,
12. The use of heading and keywords in public education emphasizes certain concepts by giving them textual prominence.
13. Sentences can also convey information about power relations.
14. Connotations that is every one word can convey strong meaning in neoliberal reform initiatives.
15. Critical discourse analysis draws attention to the use of verbs and nouns embedded in neoliberal reform policies.
16. Critical Discourse Analysis in public education policies
17. The Critical Study of Language in education reform

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