Critical Application Paper- Family Stress and Coping in Film

Paper details:

My choice movie “Just Mercy” about , Racism & Discrimination

For your draft, need to provide a brief descriiption (1-page in length) of the film and its main characters. Please summarize a general explanation of how the film/series illustrates general principles of stress and coping. Describe why you have chosen the film that you have, and what your interest in the topic is.

For the draft, you will want to present a general overview of the Double ABCX model that you learned in Module Two. Using the Double ABC-X Model, explain the process by which the family in your chosen film/tv series responds to a stressor/crisis. Be sure to explain, a —the stressor/stress event, b—the family’s resources to respond to the event, c —the family’s perception of the event, and x—the crisis the family experiences as a result of the original stress event. You will only be covering the first half of the model in the draft. You will add the second half of the model in the final paper. In this draft, you are only expected to have a beginning understanding of the Double ABCX model.

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