Crisis of the real

The author is trying to elaborate on the postmodernism in the arts, which according to most artists is irritating and confusing. People have a different understanding of this condition, and as a result, there has been a lack of oneness in addressing it. Therefore the Andy Grundberg tries to explain the meaning of postmodernism, its impact, and origin. Postmodernism has a different meaning that depends on the type of artistic media.

In support of this, for instance in architecture postmodernism is associated with redecorating stripped down aspects of architectural originality and restoring spiritual capacity and emotional complexity of a building. When it comes to painting postmodernism has lead to the advancement of the concept of pastiche. It involves making a collage from assembling arts from various sources, which is taken as a sign of honoring the heritage of one’s art. According to the author postmodernism in the art of dancing has taken a peculiar path in comparison to that of both painting and architecture.

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Artists mentioned in the text include: 


Eileen Cowin

Louise Lawler

Jenny Holzer

Peter Nadin

John Pfahl

Walter Robinson 

Ansel Adam

Lee Friedlander

Sherrie Levine

Pablo Picasso was a talented and well respected Spanish sculptor, painter, designer and poet. Some of his famous artwork include girl before a mirror and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon  of 1932 and 1907 respectively. Eileen Cowin photographer from the United State, well known for employing tools of mass media in making provocative images that pass on ideas.  Louise Lawler focuses on taking pictures of portraits of other artists’ work, honoring and appreciating their talents.

 Important vocabularies from the text include:






Rudimentary grammar



Fetishistic concentration


Postmodernism is an ideology that contradicts some element of modernism in art. Structuralism is a tactic that explains human culture on a broad overarching system. Pastiche is a civilized way of using another artist work as your own. Collage is a technique that involves assembling different photos into one piece of work. Verisimilitude is when an artwork brings out the likeness of reality.

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