Criminology Paper: School Violence

Criminology Paper

Part One 

Section 1

School violence is the hostility that takes place in schools. It is a subset of youth violence disturbing the school atmosphere and also impeding the growth of kids. Children are the future leaders and citizens of tomorrow; a country with violent children is not likely to grow effectively. With the advancement in technology and easy access to weapons such as guns and knives, cases of school violence have tremendously risen and become a global menace. It is therefore important for parents and schools to undertake measures that will ensure that inhumane attitudes among school attending kids is reduced. 

Examples of these violent behaviors in schools are fighting, bullying, gang violence, electronic aggression, use of weapons among others. School violence takes place on the way as students go to school, on school property, and during school-funded events (Gerler, 2008). Typical offenders of this inhumane act are usually adolescent students abusing drugs. Victims are the calm and humble students that bullies see might be taken advantage of. Staff members are also threatened of becoming victims to this act.

Section 2

School violence is caused by various reasons, but mostly it is to be relieved from stress or strain (Botchkovar & Broidy, 2010). This is in accordance with the strain theory of crime causation. For instance: It is also possible for a student to be violent because of stress and anxiety. This pressure is usually from the workload of assignments and exams. When these students fail in exams or do not perform as expected they become depressed and being in such a condition increase chances of them showcasing violence. The environment at home- when a child is deprived of a peaceful atmosphere at home it is likely that they will become violent. For instance, a child’s parents are ever fighting then they child develops a mentality of solving issues through conflict.

Lack of proper counseling and attention as teens grow. By parents not being there to listen and follow up on their children then they are likely to start using drugs and become violent as they try to let go of the pressure they might be feeling subjected to. In context with the social learning theory, children learn to do crimes through their association with others. The company that a child spends time with also has a great role in determining their behavior. By one member of the group being violent within no time, the rest follow suit and adopt the behavior. The media has also a significant impact in causing violence in schools. After children have watched a violent movie on the television they will always try imitating what they saw while in school with other fellow mates. 

Part Two

Section 3

School violence can be prevented by reminding students the importance of resisting peer pressure in acting recklessly. Students should be encouraged to be responsible for ensuring the school environment is safe and report anything that seems not to be going right (Daniels, 2009). Those students found victimizing others should be brought to book to be a good example for any other student that might dare be violent in the school premise.

Section 4

Due to the rampant increase in cases of school violence, the matter has caught even the attention of the police. Under-ages that are found to be uncontrollably violent are arrested taken to juvenile courts before being taken to an approved school for rehabilitation. Correction system’s response has noted progress in rehabilitating violent individuals into becoming composed and civilized people. The community neighboring schools has also been negatively affected by school violence because it is their children’s future which is on the line. As a result members of the society are more vigilant in observing the company students associate with when not in school (Parks, 2009). 

Part Three

Section 5

Specific school violence is the Virginia Tech massacre in April of 2007, where a senior at Virginia Tech, murdered 32 people within a couple of hours and then killed himself. Although the exact cause of the killing was not found the offender was found to have mental issues and some anger management problems.  Some professors had summoned after they found his writing and behavior to be disturbing. Perhaps this might have been what triggered him into being angry with everyone to the extent of wanting to kill anyone without having had a grudge on them (HAUSER & O’CONNORAPRIL, 2007).

  This crime could have been avoided if the first place the offender was not admitted after finding out that he was a psychopath. Sadly his mental issues were found too late. It ought to have been the institution’s regulations to examine their students properly before admitting them. In addition, if the security system used in the school was effective, a gun could not have been sneaked into the school’s premises. Based n the report regarding how the killings were done, it is evident that control strategies were not effective. Killing over 30 people and hurting others cannot happen instantaneously implying that the method that was used to control the situation was slow. This massacre was horrific not only to the school but to the entire world. It made the juvenile justice system tighten the nut for future offenders and encourage institutions to enact policies that will prevent such an occurrence again.

Section 6

It has been seen how deadly school violence can turn to be, schools and the government are therefore likely to be stricter in preventing the menace. And in the event that a catastrophic case occurs means of calming down the situation should be quick and effective. Parents and the community at large are also going to be more involved in monitoring what their children carry to school and whom they associate with when not in school.


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